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Constant Reminders

  1. I don't send or receive texts to my phone number. (I did buy Viber for $1.00 to text occasionally with my son.) I am impressed by the increasing number of clients who have also purchased Viber. With the new iPhone, you can send me text messages for free...
  2. Backups: Are they working? Do you know how to tell? Have you looked at the log file? Have you tried to restore a file recently? (Do you know how?)
  3. Security protection: Is your anti-malware (virus and spyware protection) software working and up to date? Is it scanning regularly? Are you removing whatever it finds?
  4. Secondary protection for PCs: Is Malwarebytes installed, and are you manually retrieving updates for it weekly? (It can be obtained from
  5. Do NOT forget common sense when you turn the computer on! A) If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. B) If something from an email is asking for a password or other confidential information - STOP and call me, please! Why is it asking? Which website are you on? Is the email or website legitimate? I'd rather have the 2 minute phone call with you than having to remove a virus or otherwise fix your computer.